MPF or a Mercedes?

Professional footballer considers Mercedes before buying an MPF

It’s not as flashy but one Hong Kong international footballer explains why he chose MPF over a Mercedes.

Chris Chung is a Hong Kong international under 23 footballer who currently plays professionally with Kwoon Chung Southern FC in the Hong Kong Premier League. While outsiders may believe all professional footballers have the life of David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo, the reality is different. Very very different.  In the UK, the average life of a professional footballer is less than 8 years, in Australia it is 2 years and in the USA it is just over 3.  And in Hong Kong it hasn’t even be measure yet. With such a short career life, one needs to maximize the time to secure a future, for the future.

“I’m realistic enough to know my salary from football won’t be enough money for me to retire,” lamented Chris, “But I’m fulfilling a childhood dream. Outside of training and playing, footballers have lots of spare time. I take advantage of this time to study and research and after speaking to some investment professionals, found the best way to save for my financial future was through MPF’s Special Voluntary Contribution (SVC) accounts. With no upfront costs or high commissions it is the best value vehicle, far better than a Mercedes, to help achieve my financial goal!”

So what is Chris’ financial goal? “My goal is to fund my university studies which I intend to complete after I finish playing football.  I know roughly how much my university tuition will be.  I also have an idea how long I will play football, so with the assistance of a professional investment advisor, I allocate a percentage of my monthly salary into my SVC account. The contributions plus investment returns should provide enough money to study full time after I finish playing, but before I finish football, I want to continue to play to the best of my ability and proudly represent Hong Kong and the highest possible level. That is the ultimate childhood dream.”

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