Time is your very best investment friend

What a rollercoaster 2020 has been thus far. For all the global uncertainties weighing on financial markets, the biggest surprise of all is that all MPF asset classes are now in positive territory (See Chart 1).

Simply put, if one didn’t panic during the pandemic period and just held one’s original investments then no money would have been lost.  The moral of the story is simple but important. While time is a key investment factor it’s not about “market timing” rather it’s about “time in markets”. Be patient, stay invested, be diversified, and let time be your friend.  Indeed if you do you might just find, that over the longer term, it’s not so easy to lose money.

So now that you know “time in markets” is key, go and search for the most suitable funds for your individual needs. www.mympfchoice.com covers all funds available within MPF.  Click and choose then let time be your very best investment friend.

Chart 1: YTD Investment Returns By MPF Asset Classes

Source: MPF Ratings

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