Too much choice? What does MPF have to do with Jam?

Why making no decision may be your best decision

At the turn of the 21st century, two US academics, Sheena Ivengar and Mark Lepper, published a groundbreaking study about decision making, using of all things, jam!

On one day, shoppers saw a table with 24 varieties of jams. On another day, only 6 varieties were on display. The larger display attracted more interest, but even with the incentive of a discount, what they found was people who saw the large display were only 10% likely to buy jam as people who saw the small display.  In short, with too much choice and no guidance, consumers are confused so are less likely to buy. But what does jam have to do with MPF?  The answer. Everything.

Like jam buying consumers who were faced with too many choices, MPF members are faced with the same daunting and confusing dilemma, but rather than only 24 choices, one has over 450 funds offered by 28 MPF Schemes to choose from. With little or no background knowledge to make an informed decision, MPF members, like the consumers, are less likely to buy, but perhaps, in the case of MPF, making no decision may in fact be your best decision.

Launched on 1 April 2017 as a ready-made low cost investment solution, all MPF Schemes must offer members access Default Investment Strategy funds (DIS).  DIS funds take your age into consideration and offer a good blend of growth and defensive investments to ensure MPF members sensibly balance risk while capitalizing on the return opportunities of investing.

To find out which DIS scheme, and to make better informed investment decisions go to and enjoy the journey towards financial independence.

To find out more on DIS, read our post of March 2020  here that fully explains the DIS features and benefits for MPF investors.

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