What does your share of $1 trillion buy?

Four months shy of its 20th birthday Hong Kong’s Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) system broke the $1 trillion threshold for the first time ever. This translates to an average account balance of $231,000 for each of Hong Kong’s 4.3 million MPF members.

Anyway one looks at $231,000, it’s a meaningful foundation to build retirement wealth. But sometimes we need to put things into a perspective so people understand its true value. So, to honour the momentous milestone www.Bestserve.com has come up with a five (possibly) outrageous, but charitable, ideas on how to spend $231,000. Yes, your $231,000, is enough to make the world a better place!

Courtesy of Oxfam (https://www.oxfam.org.uk/shop/oxfam-unwrapped), the organizer of Hong Kong’s famous Trail Walker, here’s what you can how your share of $1 trillion can make the world a better place.

1. Buy 2,300 Fantastic Farm Kits

According to Oxfam, this training helps farmers to grow more crops, raise more animals and earn more income. Living in poverty, families can struggle to put food on the table and support their loved ones. But the chance to earn a decent income can change everything – and help people to beat poverty for good.

2. Build 460 Water Wells

$231,000 will buy 460 water wells, making sure communities have the water they need and are able to protect themselves against deadly disease. According to Oxfam, digging wells and installing water pumps, taps and innovative water meters for families facing drought, or living in areas far from the nearest water supply is life-saving. Additionally, if people spend less time fetching water, they’ll have more time to spend making a living, and beating poverty for good.

3. Buy 920 Breeding Goats

Goat can multiply, producing more milk and generating enough income for families living in poverty and impoverished areas to build a better future and ultimately a life free from poverty.

4. Recycle 1900 Pieces of poo

Yes you read right, poo!  Poo from pigs can be converted to gas, which in turn makes cooking easier, quicker and safer than using firewood. Gas is also a cleaner fuel and the time saved from collecting wood allows families to work more and earn additional income.

5. Buy 90 Farm yards

Many people living in impoverished areas rely on farming for their livelihood, but the conditions can be tough. Oxfam has been working with their partners to create farming cooperatives, giving farmers access to training and new skills which ultimately improves their knowledge and livelihood. From nothing two decades ago, MPF now shares $1 trillion in wealth across 4.3 million relevant workers on Hong Kong.  However one looks at it, from  breeding goats to a pile of poo, $231,000 is not an insignificant amount of money; an amount of money that is literally life changing and as one’s retirement wealth continues to grow so too will the ability to change lives.

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